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Elly Rydge

Singing Lessons, Choirs, Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Song Writing Workshops, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, NCEA Music Tutoring, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: Diploma of Musical Arts
  • Pricing: $1 per minute
  • Styles: Jazz, Classical, Pop/Rock and a wide range of Contemporary Styles
  • Suitability: Any


Elly Rydge has been teaching and performing since the age of 15. 7 years on she has learned how to connect with her students and create an welcoming environment to develop their skills. Bringing her unique charisma to lessons mean students have fun and enjoy coming to lessons each week.

Elly has assisted students in Rockquest, NCEA, and varsity/show auditions. She has worked with school choirs, children and adults alike. There is no age too old or too young to start learning music.

Elly is taking on board a large demand of students alongside performances at the private functions and restaurants.

You can find her covers here:

Teaching Info

Listening to what students want to accomplish is what Elly views as the secret to successful lessons. Whether this is learning a song for a special occasion; learning to play chords; understanding musical theory; playing written music; or, singing a wide range of genres.

Elly’s experiences help her students achieve their goals. Sometimes, patience and a ‘wax on, wax off’ approach is necessary to do so but it builds confidence and understanding that her students are very appreciative of.

Elly’s teaching style is heavily influenced by Berkeley School of Music, Trinity Schools and her previous teachers. Elly uses some unusual methods to help students of all ages and stages learn elements of music so they won’t forget it.

Each term Elly sets up prizes, star charts, word documents, homework books, recordings and reports (where appropriate) to encourage progress.

Elly runs her teaching as a business. Invoices can be sent each term, and punctuality is always present. Elly is well organised when it comes to time and lesson management and believes communication between students and parents (where applicable) is extremely important.


Term 3 Available Times (24 July)

Thursday 3.30-4.00 pm & 5.30-6.00 pm

Friday 10.00 am-12.00 pm

Saturday 5.00 pm-7.00 pm