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Paule (Rapid Vocal Results)

Singing Lessons | Artist development, Song Writing Workshops, Skype Lessons

  • Qualifications: 20 years coaching and performing. I have worked with and coached NZ Xfactor and NZ Idol contestants.
  • Pricing:
  • Styles: I teach all Styles, I specialise in Rock,Metal,Pop,Blues,
  • Suitability: All ages children to adults my oldest student is 65 years young! Any one want to beat that record!!!


Hi my name is Paule. I have been working as a vocal coach and as a performing singer for over twenty years. During that time I have performed in New Zealand, Australia, and America. Not every singer is blessed at birth with Herculean sized vocal chords that make singing a breeze. I know I certainly wasn’t! In fact my voice was so weak when I started singing even the simplest songs were a real struggle. I became determined to research the globe in search of proven techniques and exercises to reduce the time it takes to develop real power, range and improve vocal tone.

Starting out as a singer in my teens, I made plenty of mistakes along the way and tried out dozens of voice coaches and programmes that failed to provide the results I was looking for. I learnt by trial error and figured out how the voice works, and then studied vocal anatomy and discovered which exercises work best with certain voices to grow the vocal chords. As a result of my quest for knowledge in all things to grow the voice. I am proud to say I have created a vocal exercise programme that delivers real results with my clients, students and I help them dramatically reduce the time it takes to overcome vocal obstacles and develop their true performer voice.

Currently I coach clients face to face and via Skype in NZ, Australia,Italy, USA.

Are you ready to unlock your performer voice?
Singing lessons, Singing teacher, Vocal coaching, Auckland New Zealand, Skype lessons, Rapid Vocal Results

Current Client Testimonial: October 2015
My name is Nefertiti Teare I’m 20 years old and currently studying music at Mainz. I have always struggled with singing efficiently and was concerned that if i continued singing with poor technique that i may cause myself permanent damage in the future. I also lacked confidence in my ability to sing i really wanted to improve my higher and lower register, power, and improve pitching and vibrato. during show rehearsals and performances i would always find my throat straining and knew that this problem needed to be solved at once. my first lesson with Paule one on 27th July within 30 minutes WOW what a difference. my confidence had already been lifted, i had hope again ! and the unhealthy tension in my larynx had already been lifted.

3 months into my sessions with Paule and i am confident to say that when I’m singing in rehearsal or shows that i have a sense of security knowing that I’m singing with correct technique. I easily apply what i have learnt in the sessions to the work i do at university. Paule uses great analogies to help recognise the muscle groups that need to be engaged when wanting to hit the high notes or belt. My breath management has become so much efficient. and i am proud to say that that i have achieved my vocal goal for the year: hitting a C6!!!! its great having a tutor that genuinely cares for your vocal healthy and nurtures its development safely AND RAPIDLY. Paul has a refreshing personality and gives great tips to be able to condition your voice even when your sick to help reduce swelling. He has a great in depth knowledge on vocal anatomy and he explains in an easy understandable way so that you can gain even greater knowledge on how your voice works (which i found singing the hard stuff easier to do once i know the how , why and what going on in there!!)

Every week i look forward to another session with Paule my vocal coach. i love the new habits i am forming and how positive and confident i feel after each session. I recommend anyone who wants to improve there vocal tonality, register, and really develop there full vocal potential to try out Rapid Vocal Results. ITS WORTH IT!!

Teaching Info

Hi my name is Paule. I provide expert vocal coaching via Skype or one on one at my West Auckland studio. I’am known for my no “BS” teaching style.

Did you know that the average ordinary healthy voice is capable of producing a three octave connected voice? Isn’t that amazing? Many singers can learn to extend there vocal range even further!

Connected voice means that you are able to sing from your lowest note to your highest note with out any cracks or wobbles in the voice. Singing in a connected voice makes it much easier to add thickness and a fuller sound to your high notes. Learning how to develop the connected voice is the only safe way to develop real power and increase your vocal range.

You gain additional range and power making your singing easier and a whole lot more fun! Just by learning how to sing in a connected voice.

So essentially if you want to learn to sing higher or lower notes with more power (and extend your range and improve your vocal tone) the answer is to learn how to create the correct muscle co-ordinations to develop a fully connected voice.

If you struggle to sing high notes, or your voice breaks or cracks when you sing, it simply means that your not allowing the voice to operate naturally as it was designed to do. I can help you to identify the unhealthy vocal habits you’ve developed and more importantly teach you the correct muscle coordination’s so that your voice can operate freely and easily.

Learning to sing correctly, requires you to use the true singing muscles to produce your voice. Of course building the strength in these true singing muscles can be a frustrating process. I have developed a series of vocal strengthening exercises, that will help you reduce the time it takes to safely condition and strengthen the true singing muscles so they can operate on there own with improved efficiency.

It takes patience to strengthen up the underdeveloped micro muscles that are actually responsible for creating pitch, volume, and tone. In-experienced singers and experienced singers alike often make the mistake of engaging the big bulky false singing muscles to incorrectly support there singing.

The result is that the wrong muscles are been engaged to produce the singing voice and these false muscle groups actually produce unwanted excessive tension against the vocal chords and actually shut the voice down. This can lead to developing nodules and polyps and other vocal nasties!

Identifying your unhealthy vocal habits is the first step:
I provide the only Vocal Diagnostic service in New Zealand for singers, see my website to learn more.!vocal-diagnostic-session/c10vv

Every singer is different. No two sets of the vocal chords are the same. I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced through to professionals (recording artists). Every session is customised specifically to the needs of my client and their immediate vocal goals.

I can help you:
#Develop correct diaphragmatic breathing ( Singers breath support)
#Gain real confidence
#Reduce vocal strain
#Develop real power
#Increase your range (By developing a connected voice)
#Heal and recuperate a blown voice
#Scream and sing safely with out risk
#Build a voice you will be proud to call your own.

I can save you days, weeks, months, years of vocal frustration, and dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to develop your true performer voice. The hard work, discipline and willing effort that part will come from you.

Check out real testimonies from singers and recording artists that are using my programmes to achieve rapid vocal results.

Are you ready to unlock your performer voice?
Singing lessons, Singing teacher, Vocal coaching, Auckland New Zealand, Skype lessons, Rapid Vocal Results