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Barbara Ann Grant

Singing Lessons | Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons

  • Qualifications: BA Hons(1st), CMus
  • Pricing: $46.00 for a 40 min lesson (incl. GST), $60 for a shared 40 min lesson
  • Styles: All styles - classical, jazz, pop, rock, musical theatre
  • Suitability: Young adults to young at heart!


Barbara Ann Grant is a highly experienced singing teacher. She studied at the Wellington Conservatory of Music, Victoria University and Oberlin Conservatory, Ohio, USA where she received a full tuition scholarship.

Barbara’s particular interest is in the transformative power of the human voice as a tool to boost self confidence and creativity. She has a solid grounding in classical technique, as her background includes studying the teaching of singing with Richard Miller, author of, ‘The Structure of Singing’. However, in her vocal studio Barbara teaches all styles, ages and stages. She says, “I firmly believe that you have to teach people using the songs they love to sing. That’s how you get engagement not only physically but emotionally and that’s how significant positive change can happen, not only vocally, but personally.”

A member of the New Zealand Choral Federation and the Association of Choral Directors Barbara also conducts two local choirs. She is also a committee member of the New Zealand Association of Teachers of Singing.

Teaching Info

Barbara Ann Grant is a highly experienced singing teacher who trained both in NZ and the States. She has a passionate interest in the power of singing to create profound positive change in your life. Barbara will approach the lessons by working to discover and encourage what is unique and special about your voice. She will first establish what YOU want to get from your lessons and then work flexibly to ensure your goals are met. Barbara believes we work best in a fun and relaxed learning environment and will work with you to make your lesson time an infectiously positive self investment.