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Cam Taylor

Piano Lessons | Keyboard Lessons | Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Jazz Improvisation Lessons, NCEA Music Tutoring

  • Qualifications: BMus(Composition)/BA(Maths, Japanese) at the University of Auckland
  • Pricing: $50 per hour, or $30 per half-hour lesson (I travel to you) or $40 per hour, $25 per half-hour (You travel to me)
  • Styles: Jazz, pop, blues, early music, classical, contemporary, improvisation, in traditional and non-traditional tunings
  • Suitability: Any age, any level


I graduated from the University of Auckland in 2013 with a conjoint Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition and Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Japanese. I live and breathe music, playing and improvising solo and in groups, teaching what I know to anyone who wants to learn, and always striving to learn more myself.

I’ve studied classical, jazz and popular styles, improvisation, early music, and have a passion for musical theory – particularly xenharmony, exploring connections between tuning, pitch, harmony, timbre and rhythm.

I believe being a musician is more important than being a technically proficient instrumentalist, and feel that everyone should be given the chance to be a musician, to see and hear the world in new ways, and explore vast possibilities.

Teaching Info

I have taught music to students from age six to adults. I tend to teach students what they want to learn, and try to make a point of finding out what they like in music and expanding on that. Although technical proficiency is a wonderful thing for musicianship, I believe growing the musical mind is even more important, so I tend to focus more on my students getting to know music than torturing them with too many scales.

I also believe theory should go hand-in-hand with practice, so that musicians can figure some things out for themselves and become their own second teacher.

I have experience playing in jazz, blues, contemporary classical, pop, rock, electronic and improvisational groups as well as performing solo, so I can support a range of styles and introduce students to many different parts of the vast musical cosmos.