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Eddie Liu

Keyboard Lessons, Piano Lessons | Aural Lessons, Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, NCEA Music Tutoring

  • Qualifications: Adv. Perf. Certificate, ATCL, LTCL
  • Pricing: $60/h Casual or $500 10 lesson term
  • Styles: Classical, Pop
  • Suitability: Any


Picking up the piano at the age of 5 has allowed me to pick up more instruments with ease over the years. I first discovered that I could play by ear when I replayed simple tunes from the TV on my piano. Ever since then, I have been developing skills in improvisation and the creation and production of simple and effective melodies.

I took advantage of all my experiences into the art of music production and songwriting. In year 3 of primary school, I was asked to perform to Helen Clark, who was prime minister of NZ at the time. I often get booked to play during intervals of drama productions and other special occasions, which has made me strengthen my love and passion for music. I feel that this factor is very important and I push this into my curriculum so that all my students feel the same love and passion for music as I do. I give simple and easy-to-follow instructions which lead students to the road of success. The only thing they need to put in is time and effort, and this is often the hardest step. However, music is worth every minute of practice.

Teaching Info

I like to structure my lessons in a way in order to create an idea of a routine so that my students know exactly what to expect each lesson, there are no curve-balls.
I often like to give my students 5 minutes to warm up, pressure-free in order for them to adjust to my piano and relax into constructive learning environment. Students under 10 years of age are preferably supported by the presence of a parent/guardian.

Next, I like to split the lesson into 2 sections (not necessarily of equal lengths):
Practical and Theory. Depending on the amount of practice or the amount of theory completed from prescribed homework, the time spent on practical and theory can vary.

It is important that my students feel passion for music and that for me is all that I look for when teaching, but at the same time I am also strict so that I can bring out the best out of my students and help them reach their full potential.