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Robert Bryce

Electronic Dance Music Production Lessons, Guitar Lessons | Theory Lessons, Composition Lessons, Mixing and Mastering Lessons, NCEA Music Tutoring

  • Qualifications: Bachelor of Music (Composition)
  • Pricing: $30 for half an hour
  • Styles: Any
  • Suitability: Beginner to Advanced


I am a young composer recently graduating from University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Music. I have been playing music for 15 years starting off on guitar and progressing onto electronic music production with a passion for live performance and art music. Over the years I have studied and practiced many styles including classical, jazz, metal, rock, electronic dance music, sonic art and pop. Everybody’s connection to music is different but the fundamentals cross over into all styles and genres.

Teaching Info

Electronic Music Production – Basic to Advanced, Music Theory (composition,counterpoint,orchestration and arranging)- Basic to Advanced, Guitar Lessons – Basic to Intermediate.

All lessons are organised and tailored to your individual needs and ability. Whether you are new to music, want to expand your skill set, or just need a bit of help. Just give me a call and I will see what I can do for you.