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Rosalind Manowitz

Flute Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Keyboard Lessons, Recorder Lessons, Singing Lessons, Trombone Lessons, Ukulele Lessons, Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons | Theory Lessons, Music And Movement For Under Fives

  • Qualifications: ATCL Violin, Flute & Voice
  • Pricing: $25 per half hour
  • Styles: Classical, pop
  • Suitability: any



My name is Rosalind Manowitz and I love teaching music to children and adults of any age. Starting on violin from the age of 2, I am passionate about passing on my knowledge to students. I have qualifications in Voice, Violin, music theory and Flute (ATCL), but have also played viola in the National Youth Orchestra and enjoy playing and teaching keyboard, ukulele and guitar.

I currently teach these instruments at various primary schools throughout Auckland, and have previously taught at institutions such as Marshall Laing Music School, and Saturday Morning Music Classes (Dunedin).

After studying Musical Theatre in Australia, I returned to New Zealand to Study a Bachelor of Music at the University of Auckland.

Teaching Info

Music Theory:
Depending on the instrument being taught, there will usually be a large emphasis on music theory from the early stages of lessons. This allows the students to become more independent and confident in their playing once they can read music fluently.

In lessons there will also be a big focus on technique, as in order for musicians to progress and move onto more advanced repertoire, they need to be stable and confident in the foundations of their playing.

Last but not least, the most important thing is to have fun in your lesson! If playing music is associated with fun, the student is more likely to practice at home (a vital key!) and enjoy continuing in their music studies for a long time. As well as pieces of music I think are suitable to match the student’s abilities and further their skills, I also allow the students to pick out their own favourite pieces and bring them to me so we can work on songs they know and love!