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Yvette K. Bracefield

Singing Lessons | Piano Lessons | Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Theory Lessons

  • Qualifications: DipABRSM, DipArts, DipATCL
  • Pricing: $60 an hour
  • Styles: Baroque, classical, romantic, classical contemporary, pop, and folk.
  • Suitability: 4 - any age.


Yvette (DipABRSM, DipArts, DipATCL) is a singing and piano teacher who has five¬†years’ teaching experience, with ages four to seventy. She has put numerous students through exams with a hundred percent pass rate and has excellent results with preparing students for auditions, concerts, and competitions as well. She teaches from grades one to eight in classical singing, rock and pop singing, and classical piano. Yvette enjoys performing at gigs, and she currently teaches fifty music pupils. She has worked at a number of different schools and studios, and her singers have even performed at the rugby or received runner up in national music awards. Yvette also accompanies singers and instrumentalists on the piano in their exams, concerts, or auditions, and is open to receiving queries for this as well.

Teaching Info

Yvette teaches breathing techniques, resonating techniques, range extending exercises, and exercises to make the voice smooth throughout the range. She also teaches all her students music theory, with some of them being Grade Four level in this. Additionally, Yvette places a strong emphasis on musical history and musical interpretation. Her students learn to sing in different language within two terms, and beginners are normally reading music within a term. Yvette offers musical accompaniment during her lessons.
Yvette’s piano lessons include training in music reading, note finding, and techniques that lead to an easy and emotive touch. She teaches a range of repertoire.